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Welcome to Cleaning Chemical Supply’s Lubricants, Penetrants & Sealants products offering high-performance solutions for your machinery and equipment. Experience the reliability of our 100% silicone RTV caulks and high-temperature RTV gasket makers. Discover versatile options like our four-way lubricant, penetrant, de-moisturant, and rust preventative. We offer silicone lubricants (including food-grade), foaming chain & cable lubricant with moly and high-temperature dry moly lubricant. Reduce friction with our Teflon dry lubricant spray & release agent and use our Teflon penetrating gel lubricant to loosen and lubricate. Trust our open gear lube for lubricating gear systems, even in underwater conditions. Choose Cleaning Chemical Supply’s Lubricants, Penetrants & Sealants for top-of-the-line maintenance products, ensuring optimal performance and extended equipment lifespan.

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