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Diamond – Terrazzo Sealer

Terrazzo Floor Sealer - Stone Floor Sealer

Our Terrazzo Sealer with a water-based urethane finish. Diamond is a perfect natural stone sealer and the best terrazzo floor sealer available. Diamond – terrazzo floor sealer has been specially formulated to solve the challenge of maintaining terrazzo and other porous stone. It is the perfect seal for stone and terrazzo.

WARNING: Reproductive Harm

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Terrazzo Sealer – Diamond: Natural Stone Sealer & Terrazzo Floor Sealer

Diamond is a terrazzo sealer and finish. It is the perfect sealer for natural stone floor maintenance. It will create a beautiful and durable floor finish.  Discover a new dimension of flooring excellence with our Terrazzo Sealer. Diamond is the quintessential seal for stone. Crafted to perfection, it’s more than a product—it’s a promise of elevated aesthetics and durability. Whether your floor is terrazzo or stone, Diamond’s transformative touch brings forth enduring beauty that captures attention.

Terrazzo Floor Sealer: Unleash Mesmerizing Beauty

When you’re using a high gloss, acrylic floor finish for your terrazzo and porous stone floor maintenance, use Diamond first as a base coat to get the best bond possible to terrazzo and other porous stone. Diamond, terrazzo floor sealer, unveils the true potential of your surfaces. Beyond its protective role, Diamond enhances the natural allure of terrazzo and porous stone, creating an enchanting atmosphere that lasts. This is excellent for burnishing or spray buffing.

Natural Stone Sealer: Preserve Elegance with Diamond

Every stone has a story to tell—a narrative of time, character, and elegance. Diamond, the distinguished natural stone sealer, ensures these stories are preserved. Designed explicitly for porous stone and terrazzo, it’s a guardian that not only shields against wear but enhances the inherent beauty, allowing your surfaces to age gracefully.

Diamond’s is a water-based urethane sealer specifically made for porous natural stone and terrazzo floor maintenance. It forms a solid bond and a level surface between the finish and the terrazzo or stone surface. Urethane gives the acrylic strength and longevity. Thus, making it a superb base coat for a high gloss acrylic floor finish.

Seal for Stone: Diamond – Strength and Radiance

Your terrazzo and stone deserve more than surface-level care. They deserve Diamond—an emblem of strength and radiance. Beyond being a mere seal for stone, Our Terrazzo floor sealer forms a fortified foundation. The natural stone sealer strengthens the connection between finish and floor, creating a resilient bond that endures the test of time. Moreover, it’s a maestro of light, reflecting it to create a captivating “wet look” that transforms every step into a visual delight.

Two coats of Diamond terrazzo sealer will create a flat and smooth seal on the surface of porous stone. This will increase the gloss of your floor finish. Make your terrazzo floor maintenance a breeze with Diamond.

  • Elevated Aesthetics: This natural stone sealer delivers enduring beauty that enhances the overall aesthetics of your floors, whether terrazzo or stone.
  • Lasting Protection: Acting as a guardian, Diamond offers resilient protection to your surfaces, safeguarding them from daily wear and tear.
  • Simplified Maintenance: With our floor sealer, maintenance becomes a breeze. Its robust formula simplifies care routines, making your floors shine effortlessly.
  • Enduring Bond: The powerful bond created by Diamond between the finish and the floor ensures a long-lasting, unbreakable connection.
  • Enhanced Reflection: Experience the magic of light manipulation as Diamond reflects light for a mesmerizing “wet look,” adding depth and dimension to your Terrazzo.


For Use On

For Use On:

  • Cleaned Terrazzo
  • Stone floor
  • Porous floor

Features / Benefits


  • Gives floors a ‘tough-as-stone’ foundation to create sparkling finishes.
  • Forms a solid, flat surface.
  • Allows solids in the finish to reflect light straight up, creating a “wet-look.”
  • Creates a strong bond between the finish and the floor.



Complete directions on product label.

Apply sealer on a newly stripped, cleaned terrazzo or stone floor. Do not use the same mop that was used for stripping the floor. Use a clean rayon/cotton blend mop to apply. Apply two coats, allowing sealer to dry thoroughly between coats.

Apply Jewel, Crystal, or Dazzle floor finishes to provide minimal maintenance, high shine floors.

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