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Magic Hand Cleaner

Magic Hand Cleaner with Walnut Scrubbers - Industrial Hand Cleaner - Concentrated Hand Cleaner

Magic Hand Cleaner is an industrial, concentrated, solvent-free, walnut shell-based hand cleaner that does it all. It cleans the toughest soils. Fortified with a new generation emollient package that leaves your hands feeling great and keeps your hands from cracking. Our concentrated hand cleaner does it all, like magic!

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Magic Hand Cleaner: Revolutionizing Industrial Hand Cleaning

Magic Hand Cleaner, a cutting-edge concentrated walnut cleaner solution that’s set to transform your industrial hand cleaning experience. Say goodbye to dry, cracked skin and hello to a new era of cleanliness and skin care that works like magic.

Industrial Hand Cleaner: Defying Dirt, Caring for Skin

At the heart of our innovation lies our concentrated industrial hand cleaner, a product designed to tackle the toughest cleaning challenges while safeguarding your skin’s health. With a water content of less than 20%, this formula stands apart from the competition. Unlike traditional hand cleaners that often worsen skin conditions, our industrial hand cleaner prioritizes both cleanliness and skin care.

Walnut Hand Cleaner Scrubbers: Nature’s Exfoliating Touch

Experience the power of walnut hand cleaner scrubbers in everyday use. Enriched with cosmetic-grade walnut shells, our hand cleaner provides a natural exfoliation process that cleans and revitalizes your skin. These walnut scrubbers ensure your hands are not only free from dirt and grime but also remain soft and supple, preventing the drying and cracking that can result from frequent cleaning.

Concentrated Magic Hand Cleaner: Efficiency Redefined

Discover the efficiency of concentrated Magic Hand Cleaner, a formula containing walnut that packs a punch while maximizing value. Activated with water, this concentrated solution is designed to minimize waste and ensure you get every last drop of product. The upside-down loading mechanism guarantees a complete dispensing, translating into both thorough cleaning and cost savings.

Removes the Toughest Soil: Conquering Stubborn Grime

Experience the power of a product that truly removes the toughest soils like magic. Our industrial hand cleaner is engineered to liquefy and eliminate industrial dirt, grease, and oils with ease. But that’s not all – it goes beyond just cleaning. Infused with superior emollients and skin conditioners, it leaves your hands feeling cared for, rather than dry or cracked.

Magic Hand Cleaner is more than just a cleaning agent. It’s a comprehensive solution that elevates your hand cleaning routine. From defying the toughest soil to caring for your skin’s well-being, our industrial hand cleaner, enriched with walnut scrubbers and delivered in a concentrated form, is here to revolutionize the way you approach cleanliness and skin care.

  • Superior skin emollients and skin conditioners that will not dry or crack hands.
  • Magic Hand Cleaner leaves no greasy residue.
  • Liquefy and remove dirt, grease and oils like magic.

For Use On

Dirty hands
Building Maintenance
Fleet Maintenance
Golf courses
Parks and rec

Features / Benefits

An environmentally friendly product.
Does not contain petroleum distillates, or dyes.
MAGIC Hand Cleaner is an official USDA certified biobased product.
The super concentrated formula reduces hand soap use by up to 75%.
Contains natural walnut shell scrubbers that are less abrasive to skin.
Superior skin emollients and skin conditioners that will not dry or crack hands.
Leaves no greasy residue.
Liquefy and remove industrial dirt and soils.


A) Apply MAGIC Hand Cleaner to hands, spread over knuckles, palms and fingers, then add a small amount of water and lather. Rinse thoroughly with water.
B) Wet hands, then apply MAGIC Hand Cleaner, spreading over knuckles, palms, and fingers, then lather. Rinse thoroughly with water.

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